Vegetarian Cookery Lessons in Brighton, Surrey, Hampshire and Sussex

Vegetarian home cookery lessons offering some exciting and tasty options for you,  Make it your healthy option..


Our lessons will cover food preparation and cookery methods in general healthy eating, offering some exciting and tasty vegetarian options. You may have chosen to become a vegetarian but we also understand that it's not always your choice and it can be quite a daunting prospect if you have to go down this road of changing diets, finding new recipes, what you can have, what you can't have. It can be a minefield.

We feel that by offering you these lessons, we can widen your options...  

We will cover key skills as well as the planning, preparation and the cooking and presentation of various dishes, and all under the guidance of your very own professional and qualified chef.

This is a great way to increase your confidence and cooking skills, whilst picking up some useful tips and improving your ability to produce some wonderful food for yourself, family and friends. Each lesson takes place within your own home and lasts approximately 4-5 hours.

We can cater for one-to-one tuition or we can offer small group lessons,  It’s a great way to have fun whilst widening your culinary skills at the same time. 

By law we have to make you aware of Allergens within our dishes to provide cookery lessons, these are highlighted with a #  ( may Contain Allergens )


 Lesson  One – Vegetarian Cookery Lesson

We will start by making an Italian passalader pizza# made with puff pastry and topped with sun blushed tomatoes, courgettes, and pesto (without the parmesan cheese), pine nuts# and truffle oil. Delicious and perfect for lunch with a glass of chilled dry white wine! 

Then on to the summer salad, which is lovely for either dinner or lunch.

 This is light, nutty, crunchy, with all different textures brought together for a wonderful and exciting taste experience! Also pleasing to the eye, the ingredients we use include asparagus, peas, pumpkin seeds#, rocket, fried hallumi and chilli flakes finished off with a light lemon oil dressing.

The next dish is very earthy and rustic, but beautiful – a wild trumpet mushroom and tofu brushetta, drizzled with tarragon oil, which goes very well with a glass of smooth red wine.

You must be getting a little tired now so we will finish off the lesson with a delicious uplifting smoothie made with mango, carrot and lime. Rich in fibre and vitamin E, this is an ideal and tasty choice for revitalizing.

◊ Price £100 per person ◊ There will be a supplement of £35 on all lessons for one-to-one tuition.

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Lesson Two – Vegetarian Cookery Lesson

In this lesson, we will be creating a delicious three course meal specifically for those with a vegan diet.

Starting with a hearty and healthy Tuscan smoked paprika and bean soup#, which can be served as a starter or as a main course. Full of wonderful flavours, this soup contains healthy fresh vegetables, cannelloni# and kidney beans#, and fresh herbs.

For the main event, we will teach you how to make a beetroot, courgette and roasted pine nut risotto#, finished off with a drizzle of rosemary oil. Gorgeous!

No good meal is complete without a wonderful dessert to impress your dinner guests. We will therefore complete your lesson by making a chocolate, avocado and banana mousse#.  This dessert truly has the WOW! factor, and yet it is easy for you to recreate for your friends and family.

◊ Price £100 per person ◊ There will be a supplement of £35 on all lessons for one-to-one tuition.

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Lesson Three – Vegetarian Cookery Lesson

We have carefully chosen the dishes for this lesson based on making the food a little different, interesting and packed full of flavour.

Dishes you may have never cooked or prepared before, are easy to reproduce for your friends and family to enjoy in the future.   

To start your lesson, we will make spinach, ricotta cheese# and wild mushroom crepes#, which are suitable for vegetarians as they will be rennet free. These will be accompanied with vegan sour cream#.

Putting a spicy twist on things, we will teach you how to make a pumpkin and peanut curry#, served with jasmine steamed rice. This curry has some amazing exotic flavours.

Now to freshen things up! For dessert, we will make a fresh strawberry ice cream# using rice milk,  this ice cream has a lovely flavour and rich colour. Your dinner guests will be coming back for seconds!

◊ Price £95 per person ◊ There will be a supplement of £35 on all lessons for one-to-one tuition.

Gift Vouchers - available - Please enquire



Lesson Four – Vegetarian Cookery Lesson 

Beurre-Blanc is pleased to introduce a healthy food home cookery lesson for people who would like to eat low fat, low cholesterol and well balanced foods in the hope of general well being.

This cookery lesson is specifically designed to help you achieve this goal.   

We will start your lesson by bamboo steaming a cod loin in soya bean pesto# with lemon and basil. This will be served with asparagus and a vine tomato salad. This is a colourful, delicious and healthy dish for everyone to enjoy.

Moving on to the second dish for your lesson, we will make a papillote of salmon (cooked in rice paper envelope) in ginger, lime, coriander and chilli, served with brown rice and steamed samphire (sea asparagus). Another healthy dish that tastes great!

The next dish is a low cholesterol spiced chicken breast with a sesame#, spinach and papaya salad. For the dressing, we will make a goodness dressing using tahini (a sesame paste#), adding the fresh tastes of lemon and parsley. This dressing has an amazing taste and just completes this dish off nicely.

◊ Price £95 per person ◊  There will be a supplement of £35 on all lessons for one-to-one tuition

- Our cookery lesson prices are inclusive of all ingredients -.(At the end of your lesson, you will be given the recipes for all the main dishes you have made)

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NOTE : All lessons will start with a health and safety briefing. 

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